Monday, August 24, 2009

Tiny Tennis

Provo High Lady Dog's, yes, I said Lady Dog's, (umm, can we come up with a better name?) has started tennis. I think Tiny has a fantastic back hand. Her cross court stroke nearly always comes up a winner. Tiny did not play tennis last year since she wanted to focus on softball and not mess up her batting swing. Having lettered in softball as a 10th grader, she found she really could handle the two sports.

Living in Malaysia, we gave Tiny private lessons for 3 years. She played on the court behind the condo. 12 US dollars a lesson :)
Have fun in H.S.
Good for you Tiny.
Thankfully PHS will allow the girls to romp around in more roomy attire than the Victorians wore. No teenie tiny waists!

Does this ball go over the net?, but it is a fun shot anyway.
Eyes on the prize

I have always been a tennis fan, and a Chris Evert fan. Someday I will take a really good tennis photograph like this one.


Cari said...

Lady dogs...hee hee.

Good luck Christina! You'll do great!

Tawna said...

What a talented girl! I hope my little one enjoys sports half as much as christina.