Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Smackdown Monday Night Evening

So if you didn't know already, because you have never met me, or have never read this blog.....The Glad Family Rocks!!! Yes, we are not only cool to hang with, but we hang out at rock concerts. I am a hard dog to keep on the porch at a rock concert. I enjoy people watching as much as band watching. At our most recent concert, ( um, yes we went to Motley Crùe for Family Home Evening) I was sort of vocally unhappy with the boys from the Crue. It was fun to kind of heckle them. I was turning heads with my histrionics, they had girl back-up singers who were really stupid.

The best by a mile was Godsmack, a Boston band that was totally, incredibly, amazingly, good. The lead singer, Sully Erna is incredible, he can play the guitar, and he is masterful on the drums.
A first for the Glad Family...a drum duet. Here we are enjoying ourselves in free upgraded seats.

Here is Sully Erna doing a good job facing the western sun. Usana Amphitheatre is a really fun venue. Remember, best part of going to rock concerts is watching the people. I usually get a photo of a really crazy fat lady in a tube top, but here is an even funnier one of this guy's shirt.

Some people may criticize me for exposing my kids to rock concerts. I guess there is some wisdom to that thought. Beer and swearing are the biggest culprits. Families who go to an amusement park will see more immodest clothing there, than at a rock concert, so that is not an issue. Actually there is a certain type of acceptance and tolerance at a rock concert than any other venue I have experienced. All are welcome. And, there is only so much misbehavior allowed! A code of conduct, if you will.
My family has been all over the world. They have seen first hand the effects of, starvation, tsunami devastation, untold poverty, racism, discrimination, and tyranny, to name a few. But, they have seen festivals, cultural diversity, brotherly kindness, and hope. We have had season tickets to the symphony for years, I have spent countless hours driving to music lessons, band performances, sporting events, plays etc... and going to rock concerts, is just another of our ways to open the world to our kids. They know right from wrong, they don't drink or have tattoos or sleep around.

There is good to be found in lots of diverse places, even at a rock concert. Looking at my family above, I don't think I am doing too bad.

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Becky said...

You are doing a AWESOME job! You have a beautiful family who loves being together! So sad that we didn't make it to see you while we were in Utah. We only came for 1 week instead of 2 and didn't have all of the free time we had hoped to have. Rock on, Sister!