Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Sexiest Thing to Happen to My Kitchen in a Long Time

I don't need to go into ANY kitchen store anymore. (shhh don't tell Dave) I now have everything I could possibly want. With the addition of the 14 cup Cuisinart, my "life is full". I have every single thing I need to cook, bake, slice, dice, mash, mix, puree, whisk, blend etc...

I would however, like the 12 inch All-Clad skillet.... hmmm..

I must give props to my 7 cup Cuisinart Classic on the right. I bought this little workhorse while a poor starving student at Wymount 18 years ago. It has and still will continue to preform flawlessly for me. It is almost like a child to me, and yes, it has been to Malaysia.On another note, look how cool this photo is of this hummingbird. I like how his wings are beating so fast you can see through them in this shot.

I like how the cat, Sugar is as big as the young adult, Jordan.


Jordanian Princess said...

I love Sugar with every fiber of my being! And you can tell by the picture that she loves me too.

....by the way, I like the new Cuisinart!

Cari said...

Very cool picture!