Saturday, August 29, 2009

Glad Man Goes to the Gym

So Dave has been going gang busters at the gym.
He has lots of powdered whey protein drinks, and supplements that he takes too. There are times when he goes to bed at 8:00 pm so he can get to sleep and then be up to go to the gym by 5:00 am.

Since Dave has been working out he has not suffered any back pain. I think it is because he has strengthened his abs.He also gets his cardio in by gardening strenuously each evening. You can see his gardening prowess by the beauty of our flowers in the yard. And his "farmer's" tan.

He lost tons of fat weight, but has now started to gain weight back in the form of muscle. He has good genes I guess, he has not changed his pant size in the 25 years of our marriage.

I however, continue to change pant sizes on almost a daily basis.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Schick Quattro TrimStyle For Women

I had to rewind the television about 3 times just to make sure I saw this correctly!!!!

Watch this and try not to laugh yourself silly like I did.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Poison Def Trick

Here are just a few photos from the Def Leppard, Poison, Cheap Trick concert. Camera's were not allowed, but since when have I followed the rules?

Def Leppard
Good Sunset shot, at least I like it.
Dave and one of his best friends Steve, oh and he is also the boss.
I think they were either talking about business, or building their muscles, since they are gym buddies too.
Rachel and Kelly are two of Dave's co workers.
Rachel is just plain silly, for obvious reasons.

Dave and I have been to many concerts this year. This was my least favorite. I did not care for any of the bands. But... I LOVE to people watch. This is dude with
a genuine
Harley Davidson Gray Haired Mullet.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tiny Tennis

Provo High Lady Dog's, yes, I said Lady Dog's, (umm, can we come up with a better name?) has started tennis. I think Tiny has a fantastic back hand. Her cross court stroke nearly always comes up a winner. Tiny did not play tennis last year since she wanted to focus on softball and not mess up her batting swing. Having lettered in softball as a 10th grader, she found she really could handle the two sports.

Living in Malaysia, we gave Tiny private lessons for 3 years. She played on the court behind the condo. 12 US dollars a lesson :)
Have fun in H.S.
Good for you Tiny.
Thankfully PHS will allow the girls to romp around in more roomy attire than the Victorians wore. No teenie tiny waists!

Does this ball go over the net?, but it is a fun shot anyway.
Eyes on the prize

I have always been a tennis fan, and a Chris Evert fan. Someday I will take a really good tennis photograph like this one.

Friday, August 21, 2009

How Not to Dress for a Date

So here is poor Jordan after oral surgery today. Yes, this is her 2nd surgery in as many months, it seems that we like to subject our kids to torture, but we get 'em plenty stoned afterwards. Sorry Jordan. It hurts to be beautiful.

She has hay fever today, and experienced the WORST date ever last night.

So, she accepted a date from this guy who she met online. O ME, O MY. He showed up wearing a jewel encrusted shirt, studded belt, embroidery (all over) stitched jeans, white pointy cowboy boots, and man bracelets. She says even the old people at Mimi's thought she was with her fashion stunted gay man- friend. His Escalade was adorned with magnetized photo's of himself.

When they went into Barnes and Noble to buy a copy of "The Secret" for Jordan to read; so she can reach truth and enlightenment. (She thinks he thought he was a prophet, not a Hindu). The construction workers didn't even give her the time of day, all their attention was on the guy. Anyone who knows Jordan knows THAT ain't going to fly. At least this guy's "loser qualities" were out in the open, most of the guys she dates are hiding something behind a handsome face.

Then he dropped her off at her house, turned on the headlights of the car and was Whoot, whoot, whoot ing to Latin music really loud. He was proclaiming his expertise of Latin dancing and was showing her his moves. Then he grabbed her and told her to dance. She wanted to crawl into a hole, she was so mortified her neighbors might have seen the spectacle. She made a B line for the door. She got inside and didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Either way tears were rolling down her cheeks when she told her roommates about it.

First off
  • Why does my daughter attract such losers!?
  • She is so nice, and friendly and and they are all so dumb.
  • She has more first dates than anyone I know. Several in any given week.
  • She thinks she finds a winner and then they turn out to be closet FREAKS!
Secondly ( this goes for all you nice girls out there)
  • Even our stake president admits that there is a shortage of good men out there. What you see is what you get. Men have already put their best foot forward on your very first date and yeah... good luck with that. Invest time and money in yourself via education. ( spoken July 2009, to my face and hers) This from a man who has 3 sons. My pediatrician has should hear him rant about boys. You would not believe the number of RM's who have tried to take liberties with my daughter.
  • Stop dating for a period of time. Really, STOP.
  • Cancel the internet!!! Stop texting. Stop, stop, stop!
  • Find happiness in your own darn self, sista.
Now readers with sons. I am not including your boys in this post. Just the losers who have already chewed and spit my daughter out.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Brother Season 11

"Hey wait.....Is she a big fat person?" I will give a 20 dollar gift card to Walmart to the first person who can name what movie the above quote is from. Stay tuned for the results. I am sure it will be Jordan or Malaina who wins this, and if it is Dave, he never comments on this blog anyway, and I will just keep the money for myself. And remind me to video Jordan doing the impression of the quote. (rules...don't call me or email me, you have to leave a comment to win)

Now that I have your attencion---ahem---HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING BIG BROTHER!?

This is a guilty pleasure of mine and I used to be ashamed to admit to it, but, honey...this year's cast is providing me with some awesome television; and I am out of the closet! In an itty bitty nutshell (*because I am sure you will stop reading this post at any second*) let me fill you in.

  • Cast is kept quarantined from all media, family, and are filmed and mic'd at every angle, who can outlast the others and win half a million dollars? Almost any shenanigans are allowed to trip each other up.
  • Cast divided into 4 high school cliques. You can pretty much look at the group and name the groups. Misfits, Popular, Athletes, Brains
  • CBS uses games, and eliminations are devised to pit people against each other.
  • Jessie from a previous season is sent into the house, and gains the most power.
  • One by one he and his crony's pick people off the show.
  • Dumb girls fall for his bodacious bod, and whine and cry when he is "backdoored" and given the boot out the door.
  • Chima, the girl on the top row with the clown makeup, falls to shreds after she is made a fool of by a secret "mystery power". OH IT WAS SO FUN . CBS fired her and she is on media blackout, by Viacom International, yeah, they own CBS, MTV, BET..... She actually threw her mic in the pool.
  • Blond bimbo Jordan is in power of the house this week (Jeff sacrificed for her and is not so secretly in love with her) and she is going for the jugular of the two mean girls left in the house. Hey wait, she ain't so dumb after all.
Now before you judge me. Let it be known that I almost always do the laundry during the shows so I am not being idle.

If you have a guilty pleasure on television, let me know.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Confessions of a Bad Housewife

Seriously, what is your opinion of me. Should I stop confessing my weakness' on this blog, or do you like it when I blab? Vote at my poll on the right of your screen.

We are the worst LDS parents on the planet. We not only allowed our kids to go to a rock concert on a Sunday, but we took them! We even went out to eat at 5 Guys Burgers in Bountiful with my father. It was the best day ever. As a shameful excuse, we bought the tickets months ago, unaware it was a Sunday. Hundreds of dollars was exchanged, and we just went anyway. We suck. But here is what went down.

Here is a really nice picture of Dave and I at Energy Solutions Arena.This is GreenDay, one of my all time favorite bands.
This is my favorite current GreenDay song. 21 Guns.

The kids sat across the arena from us.
So it wasn't even a "family"event. We selfishly wanted to go.

I think we Glad girls have secret crushes on Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer. He has a potty mouth, and his mother was in the audience, and yes, he kisses her (literally)with that mouth.

This was a crazy good concert. They have to be one of the best rock n' roll shows I have ever seen.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Listen to this.. Cheesecake!!

Raspberry Cheesecake from Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa Family Style, page 134
I don't care what anyone says. THIS is the best cheesecake I have ever eaten. You can shout and whine and disagree, but so what? I have eaten cheesecake from dozens of places, yes, even in New York City. THIS IS THE BEST CHEESECAKE I HAVE EVER EATEN!!! Did you hear me that time!?!?

Creamy, cheesy, moist, dense, rich... Pure unadulterated food-porn on a fork.

You can click on Ina's recipe above, I did use a 10 inch spring-form pan, and doubled her recipe for the crust. I like thick cookie like crust. Otherwise, the cake above is verbatim.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Who Poked the Cheese?

Jordan came home with beautiful raspberries from a farewell party thrown for her, as she is preparing to quit her job at the Bureau of Reclamations. She has been offered a great position at a law firm as an assistant to two of the partners. Anyway, she brings home these lovely raspberries and says.."Mom, can you turn these into something wonderful?"

My instant reaction is the Raspberry Cheesecake from the Barefoot Contessa. I go to Sam's Club and get 3 pounds of cream cheese in the block. I remove it from the packaging, gather the remainder of my ingredients "Mis en place". ( Top Chef Michael Chiarello is a Facebook friend, ).
And then I turn my block of cheese over and what do I see?

A dent in the cheese.

There is only one culprit to this mystery. And she is 21 and should know better.
Do you see the guilt behind those brown doe eyes? She confessed to her crime readily, and admitted that she cannot let an opportunity like this one to pass. Anyone who knows Malaina, knows she has extremely powerful fingers and likes to poke surfaces of things.

I will blog about the cheesecake later.

I counted 7 hummingbirds at my feeder tonight, but could only manage to capture 4 in my shot. They are darling.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Sexiest Thing to Happen to My Kitchen in a Long Time

I don't need to go into ANY kitchen store anymore. (shhh don't tell Dave) I now have everything I could possibly want. With the addition of the 14 cup Cuisinart, my "life is full". I have every single thing I need to cook, bake, slice, dice, mash, mix, puree, whisk, blend etc...

I would however, like the 12 inch All-Clad skillet.... hmmm..

I must give props to my 7 cup Cuisinart Classic on the right. I bought this little workhorse while a poor starving student at Wymount 18 years ago. It has and still will continue to preform flawlessly for me. It is almost like a child to me, and yes, it has been to Malaysia.On another note, look how cool this photo is of this hummingbird. I like how his wings are beating so fast you can see through them in this shot.

I like how the cat, Sugar is as big as the young adult, Jordan.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Smackdown Monday Night Evening

So if you didn't know already, because you have never met me, or have never read this blog.....The Glad Family Rocks!!! Yes, we are not only cool to hang with, but we hang out at rock concerts. I am a hard dog to keep on the porch at a rock concert. I enjoy people watching as much as band watching. At our most recent concert, ( um, yes we went to Motley Crùe for Family Home Evening) I was sort of vocally unhappy with the boys from the Crue. It was fun to kind of heckle them. I was turning heads with my histrionics, they had girl back-up singers who were really stupid.

The best by a mile was Godsmack, a Boston band that was totally, incredibly, amazingly, good. The lead singer, Sully Erna is incredible, he can play the guitar, and he is masterful on the drums.
A first for the Glad Family...a drum duet. Here we are enjoying ourselves in free upgraded seats.

Here is Sully Erna doing a good job facing the western sun. Usana Amphitheatre is a really fun venue. Remember, best part of going to rock concerts is watching the people. I usually get a photo of a really crazy fat lady in a tube top, but here is an even funnier one of this guy's shirt.

Some people may criticize me for exposing my kids to rock concerts. I guess there is some wisdom to that thought. Beer and swearing are the biggest culprits. Families who go to an amusement park will see more immodest clothing there, than at a rock concert, so that is not an issue. Actually there is a certain type of acceptance and tolerance at a rock concert than any other venue I have experienced. All are welcome. And, there is only so much misbehavior allowed! A code of conduct, if you will.
My family has been all over the world. They have seen first hand the effects of, starvation, tsunami devastation, untold poverty, racism, discrimination, and tyranny, to name a few. But, they have seen festivals, cultural diversity, brotherly kindness, and hope. We have had season tickets to the symphony for years, I have spent countless hours driving to music lessons, band performances, sporting events, plays etc... and going to rock concerts, is just another of our ways to open the world to our kids. They know right from wrong, they don't drink or have tattoos or sleep around.

There is good to be found in lots of diverse places, even at a rock concert. Looking at my family above, I don't think I am doing too bad.