Thursday, July 17, 2008

Everybody's All American Day

Okay kids, this is the quintessential American pre-game meal!
Made by yours truly and Bush's baked beans

Then off the third child's softball game.
Will you just look at those mountains and clouds!??!
This is also Jordan's famous "scowl-smile" face.

Look at these All Americans warming the bench!

Then celebrating being a happy family at Iceberg Drive-in for shakes and huge onion rings. Get a load of "Princess Christina"

I don't get the camera pointed at me too often because look what I do when it is!!

We saw this cute dog in a passing car. She loved me.
There it is folks. Burgers, softball games, ice cream and dogs. It doesn't get much better than that!!!


cari said...

That picture of you is classic!

Jordanian Princess said...

I'll have you know...that when I make that face, I am usually looking at some really tacky attire.


indra said...

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