Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Glad Birthday

What is a birthday without a pedicure I ask you?!! If they rush, or don't do a good job. Complain. My gal needed an attitude adjustment and she got it from this old bird. I have had some of the best pedicures in the world and she tried to get one past me, and ha, I set her straight.

Me and my boyfriend in the dark, dark movie theater.
Sixth in line for "Batman the Dark Knight"

It was soooo good. Christian Bale is so handsome!!

Jordan and Malaina bought me this artisan glass hummingbird feeder. It is stunning. They got it at the Utah Arts Festival. Tiny made me the small birdhouse. And YEA!!! I got a bike rack for my Ford. I cannot wait to do the Bonneville Trail!

I cannot recall when I have had such a wonderful day.


cari said...

What kind of friend am I anyway?
(I didn't even know it was your birthday.)


I'm glad you had a great day. You deserve it!

Mandymoo said...

Oh wow it looks like you had a good day.. Olive Garden huh? Yum. We are so glad it was nice for you!

Jordanian Princess said...

Oilive Garden was good, family time was great...Christan Bale was WONDERFUL!!! :-)

Oldest Daughter of Glad House Wife