Saturday, July 26, 2008

What the Craps!!??!!

Prize goes to the first respondee who can tell me how I paid for this Cole Haan Bag!! My best friends know orange is my favorite color. I was ecstatic when I saw this purse, and I had to have it.

Viva Las Vegas !!

What's a trip to Vegas without lots of food?!!

We went to see Ka -- a Cirque du Soleil branch of fun.

We didn't do too much sight seeing. We were there for the food and the shopping! One of my favorite things to do is people watch. Could that be a form of stalking?

Vegas is fun, but I wouldn't want to live there~~


stafford loan said...
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Mandymoo said...

I'm so jealous.. looks like SO much fun.. and who doesn't like to people watch, stalking or not! ha.

cari said...

I'm guessing that you won a ton at the Craps table and Jordan was your good luck charm (Kissing the dice every time) and that's how you got the money to buy the spectacular purse. But I'm sure we'll never know because what Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. Isn't that how it goes? :)

Kidding aside, I'm glad you had a great time. People watching is the best!

Tawna said...

Hey, When were you in Vegas!?! WE might have passed each other on the strip! Looks like you had fun and where did you get the bag, its really great! a girl can always use a new bag, especially if it is affordable.

Cynthia's Blog said...

Sorry Tawna, the Cole Haan bag was NOT affordable.