Thursday, July 31, 2008

Head Banging it with the Mötley Men

If I keep posting life experiences like these I might get released from some of my 3 callings at church.

We went to "CrüeFest" last night. Yes, it is best that adults only attended. There were lots of unique event go-er's there as well. But I think I looked cute in my little Brett Michaels hat. (the fact that I know who Brett Michaels is should bar me from youth related activities)

The family that Head-bangs together, stays together. Dave said the fact that he was wearing the Ozzy shirt gave him complete credibility for being there. He was also wearing a "Callaway" golf hat that
, I think, kinda negated that fact. Most people were too drunk to notice anyway.
People Watching at its Finest:
This guy was all about the beer. The lady on the ground in the background was passed out from an early start with beer. I tried to get a shot of the two guys fist fighting next to us, but my camera didn't shoot right. (Brace yourselves now for the photo that follows this one.)
These two sweet young things were so much fun to watch. Wow, could they dance. (lol) You can read all about what I think about muffin top in an older post.
The Crüe, had a cool Larry King-ish set.

Tommy Lee looked svelte and fit.

Nikki Sixx, Mick Mars, and Vince Neil all looked very good as well; Vince looked sorta fat, okay and Mick looked like hell, but Nikki was hot. Vince's parents live here in Utah.

I grew up listening to Mötley Crüe and...Disco.

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cari said...

You Gaddis' sure know how to party! I didn't even realize that Tommy Lee was in Motley Crue. I grew up listening to the Osmonds and oldies. (But then, I'm a nerd.)

cari said...

Don't hold your breath on getting released. But I can help make one a little less stressful for you. :)

Mandymoo said...

HA HA.. you are TRYING to get released! I would LOVE to come to one of her games and most of all to chill with such a fun family.

Jordanian Princess said...

I love the Brett Michael's hat! All you need now is long blonde hair :-)


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