Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friends Supporting Friends

I have a friends who have made world wide news recently. One in a really great way, and one in a not so great way. I support them... they know who they are.

I have friends who are sick and afflicted. I love them dearly. Especially S.R. she knows it too. And one new friend J.Y. she'll beat it.

I have friends who are questioning their faith. I pray for them. I need to make sure they know I love and don't judge them.

I have friends who have gone through ugly divorces. I hope they find happiness soon. They will, they are terrific people.

Best of all, I have friends who love me and over look my MANY faults. Yeah!


Mandymoo said...

I've learned that just supporting your friends in their decisions, is the most important part of friendship. Sounds like you are a true friend..

cari said...

You are a great friend. That's something I need to work on. (Among the many other things.)