Sunday, July 13, 2008

Heart and Camp

While she was camping we were playing. At a concert that is. We went to see Cheap Trick, Heart and Journey. We got there late for Cheap Trick, I would have liked to see more. Heart was EXCELLENT. Nancy Wilson sounds the exact same as she did in the 70's. Journey was so terrible that we left early. They had a new frontman,who was okay, but Journey is not the same without Steve Parry. Their sound system was so bad. I could not hear the guitar riffs, it was so quiet that Dave and I could talk and still hear each other. USANA is a nice theater, but it is INSANE to get there! Go two hours early if you dare.

Our good friends Craig and Sherri met us there. Going to out door concerts is no fun unless you go with friends.
Now on to Young Women's Camp........

Okay, does this look like a girl who hated camp?

This was how she looked just off the bus.
Happy to see me? Maybe. But, just happy!!!


Jordanian Princess said...

Mommy, you pictures are so cute!!!! Especially the one with you and daddy at the concert


Jordanian Princess said...

does my face look fat???

Cynthia's Blog said...

No your face is not fat. But it is PHAT!

cari said...

Rock on!!!

(I don't think I've ever said that before in my life.)