Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mia Shalom 2008

TUESDAY Night...
Okay if looks could kill I would be dead. My baby is madder than hell at me. I am documenting her life and this is the thanks I get? ( I guess she figured that I was going to blog this) Her team has just been eliminated from a state tourney. This means that she must go up to Young Women's camp tomorrow. ( one day late)

WEDNESDAY afternoon...
Up at Camp Mia Shalom at least Michelle Ellis is happy to see me.

To be fair, Tiny put on a good front about going to camp and did not complain. She vowed to try to be positive.
The wildflowers were so pretty. This one here..a penstemon, I think.

However, my favorites up at Mia Shalom are the coneflowers. They won't be in bloom until later in the month.

Back in the arid desert... from the daughter to camp delivery...Beverly Parsons has a gorgeous Delosperma in vivid bloom!!!
Back home

Jordan loves to comb the cat. And the cat loves to be combed... and vacuumed.

This is my favorite photo of the week. I caught this daring black capped chickadee stealing a peanut from a saucer of birdseed I have set out on my deck.How on earth will her hatchling eat this?

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cari said...

Poor Christina! She'll make the most of it. She always does. Lucky Activity Day girls! Those look yummy.