Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Not News(week) To Me.

Page 13 June 30, 2008, Newsweek in an article by Jessica Bennett, claims that Shrinks are now incorporating blogging into their therapy of patient treatment. But why you ask?

  • Creative outlet (check)
  • Forum to vent (check, check)
  • Exercise in exhibitionism (gulp, check)
A study from the CyberPsychology & Behavior goes as far as to suggest the bloggers might be happier than nonbloggers.

You are the built in audience. Americans learn at a young age that airing their problems means help is on the way. And it is true. When I post, I complain...a lot. And you darling readers console me and give sympathy and validation to my woes. "Writing is an effort of the brain to communicate for comfort." says Harvard Neurologist Alice Flaherty. "Blogging gets you closer to that sympatheic audience and that's what makes it thereputic."

Yes, Yes, Yes. Most of my comments either from people who leave them here on this space, or tell me in person say they can relate to me and appreciate my candor. My friend at time flies
talked me into starting this blog and believe me as I look back on older posts, I sometimes wonder if it was really me who posted those articles. I am a changed woman now, but I still think I need a shrink. (shameless push for sympathy)


Mandymoo said...

AMEN.. I'm addicted and it is soo good for me:) Better than alcohol right?

cari said...

You have a great blog and I'm so glad you decided to stick with it!

Jordanian Princess said...

I love the blog, I get all my important news from you! :-)