Friday, July 04, 2008

Henceforth for the 4th!!! Part 2

This was our first 4th of July on American Soil in 4 years!!
God Bless America!!!

This Brat was delish!!

Grandpa catches a snooze. (note: the flowers in the background
are the same ones from my title banner.)

Thank God for our plentiful table.

Grandma talks about their elopement 48 years ago today
to Henderson, Colorado, the justice of the peace charged my father four dollars to perform the ceremony, all he had in his wallet~

Pretty in blue, is my daughter.

My camera has a fireworks setting!!!

Thanks to my forefathers, grandfathers, my uncles, father, husband who all served our country so we can be free! During WWII my Great Grandmother had 4 sons, and 2 sons in law all serving at once! My dad says he ran in the kitchen as a little boy and once saw her with her head on her folded arms on the kitchen table. Other than that one moment of vulnerability, she was a ROCK.

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cari said...

Yeah, after I acted so retarded having my boys and husband away (for a week) I got to thinking about women like your grandmother who had their family away and in danger and I really felt like an idiot. I just don't know how they did it (and continue to do it!). But I am thankful that they were willing to sacrifice so much for our country.

Looks like you had a fun 4th. So glad you're back in the good ol' USA too!