Saturday, July 26, 2008

Glad Housewife's Glamour Do's and Dont's

Here is my latest beef (MOOOO!!!) Will you look at this girl up on the top row in the white shirt! Why do some girls want to look like this? Her shirt was so tight you could see the belly button outline. WHY, WHY,WHY? I think it is a fad, they want to attract attention any way they can. If it's mean to say that... too stinkin' bad. Remember this blog is my therapy and my excuse to RANT!!!

Now look at the stunner on the bottow row with the navy tank and camos. This is a curvy girl with an apple bottom and an itty bitty waist. Do you SEE a muffin top on her? I don't think so. She don't drink no soda pop, she go to the gym, Shawty looking fine.
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Mandymoo said...

You seriously crack me up Cindy!! She IS lookin fine.

cari said...

Jordan looks amazing! All her hard work is definitely paying off.

Jordanian Princess said... are too much for words! Love ya tons :-)

Oldest Daughter of Glad Housewife