Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chemistry Week and Baking Cookies

Did you know it is National Chemistry week?
Happy Chemistry Week everyone! To celebrate (not) we went into the kitchen to bake. Baking is a science. Molecules interacting with each other, creating oxygen and H2o to expand and rise etc.... yeah, yeah. We made these sweet "Pumpkin Pie Drops, with Brown Butter icing". A great experiment.Here is the recipe. You can click on the photo to make it bigger. I was too lazy to type it and my scanner isn't working.

We were in a hecka hurry, to make it to geek week at BYU. Okay, now that was just mean of me. My middle child is a self proclaimed science geek; we are desperately proud of Malaina.
One time Malaina and Jordan were up at campus together and one guy in Malaina's lab group said some science joke and everyone but Jordan got the joke and laughed. Jordan quietly turned to Malaina and asked her what was so funny....Malaina simply replied...
"You have to speak fluent Dork to understand."

So anyway, back to National Chemistry week... BYU was hosting a Chemistry Magic Show, and for extra credit Tiny wanted to go. Well, I wasn't going to let her drive up there alone, walk on campus alone, not knowing exactly where to go. So I hurried up the cookie making process and we went for a really fun chem. dem.
The science twerp sitting next to Christina's friend Tisha sure was having fun!
Here is the chemistry professor, yep, bow tie and all, removing the sugar out of a Swedish fish with the chemical: hydro smydro crappo or something that sounds like that.
Fun times call for fun pictures! I wish it could be Chemistry Week every day!


The Blonde Duck said...

Those cookies look great! I'd blow something up if I participated in chemistry week!

cari said...

"hydro smydro crappo"...very funny stuff!

Greg C said...

We baked cookies this week for some school project. I don't even know that they are for anymore. I just get home every day from work and say; "Ok who has a project due today" Tonight is band booster club night. Yippie.