Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Circa 1968

Isn't this image adorable?!!! I went to and did this. This is what I might have looked like if I were the class of 1968. I am the class of 1980! I was 6 years old in 1968, and I remember watching some of the Mexico City Summer Olympics that year. I remember my first sin after baptism, (a lie and I was guilty for days about it). I remember my teacher was a woman named Mrs. Gordon, at Valverde Elementary on Alameda Avenue in Denver, Colorado. I was a tattle tale and remember getting a boy in trouble for not reading correctly, and I remember the "fall-out" shelter signs . I found someone's lunch and when I opened the bag I saw it only had a Ketchup sandwich in it, and I was jealous that I had to eat school lunch. (No, I did not eat the sandwich)

My grandparents gave me my first baby doll, a Madam Alexander life size baby that said "mommy". Her name is Julie and I still have her.
I vaguely remember Apollo 8 being launched. My first movie that really affected me was "Planet of the Apes" from 1968. When we went to the Lakeside Amusement park I remember the Tilt a Whirl was constantly playing "In the Sunshine of Your Love" by Cream. And, best of all I remember still believing in Santa!

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