Friday, October 10, 2008

Corn Dog Recipe Quest

This looks like it could be my 21 year old daughter's favorite meal.
She confessed today that her favorite foods are "toddler foods", with the number one all time favorite food being a corn dog. School lunch.....corn dog.

Help me in my quest dear friends, to find the perfect homemade corn dog.
I must, must, must, get this right! Help me to save her from this frozen food nightmare! Respond to this post with your favorite recipes or URL's.


cari said...

Not that I'm ANYWHERE near a good cook and I haven't ever tried this recipe but I remember seeing it on 30-minute meals and thought it looked pretty good.

Jess said...

Im sorry to say the only suggestion I have is in the frozen foods isle... and cost about 6-$7 for a box of 24... lol... They are even honey mustard flavor like from the local Fair... ;0)

Great site here!! I added you to my blog roll... hope that was ok!! Good luck in finding a good recipe!!

Anonymous said...

Prudy makes a darn good corndog. Check her out...

Jordanian Princess said...

I would probably eat that corn dog, but I would not eat the corn.


SouthernHospitality said...

Let me know which one you choose and whether she like's it or not, i'm a hunt for a good corn dog as-well. I add (because I'm a health freak) All Natural/Organic Beef only. I also think they have better flavor as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

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