Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Way to Go Mom and Dad!

Kudo's to my MOM and DAD for offering to allow my dear Malaysian friend's daughter to move in with them.

Here's what happened: My friend Angela has come to the USA from Penang to enroll her daughter Mei Ying in college in Salt Lake City. (Her son is at BYU) Mei Ying was all set to commute into downtown from a distant suburb where their other good friends live. I could tell Angela was unhappy with the arrangement, because of the great distance from town, not because of the living situation. There is very limited public transport into metro Salt Lake City from the Cottonwood Heights neighborhood her friends live in.

When we met for lunch yesterday, never in a million years did I think that my parents would be the answer to Angela's prayers. I took Angela up to Bountiful to meet my folks. A quick 10 minute drive from downtown Salt Lake. My mother mentioned to Angela that the bus stop that goes to Mei Ying's school, is literally at their front curb side. I am talking DOOR TO DOOR! Maybe a scant 3o feet away. She said they had 5 bedrooms, and why doesn't Mei Ying move in with them? She continued to say that the singles ward is only 2 blocks away! My jaw dropped...How did this idea form in my mother's mind? Truly it is the answer to Angela's prayer's! Angela will not have to worry about Mei Ying too much. My parents live within walking distance to the library, Target, Walmart, Pier One, Dairy Queen, the Bountiful Bubble, you get the picture.

This is a big deal for my parents. They are retired and my mother is really not in the best of health. She has severe Chronic Fatigue, and I know this will be challenging for her. I really think this is a valiant thing they are doing for a family they didn't even know! I only hope 18 year old Mei Ying is up to the challenge of living with them!

Mei Ying, Angela and Tian Ming in Hong Kong


Mandymoo said...

That is great... and wow, look at how good Nate and Alma look in that picture.. it's beautiful. When was it taken?

cari said...

How awesome!

Cynthia's Blog said...

This is 2004 at a wedding.. Yes, Awesome!

Prudy said...

What dear parents you have. That is a very selfless act on their part. I'm sure they will be richly blessed for it. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.