Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Take a Bow

Okay a shameless plug for Bippity Boppity Bows and Things ... but look how darling this cap is!!

So, it hasn't been the easiest week for poor Daughter Number One. Accounting is giving her a whole spreadsheet of trouble. The dating scene in Provo, sucketh exceedingly. (What is with all this "let's hang out" crappola?") Sorry guys, but if you want a date with this lovely lady, you have to man up and put the Guitar Hero away, oh, and get off your mission before you try to befriend her on My Space.

Also, it helps not to be-little her while she is wearing her Obama 2008 lapel pin, and then try to hit on her at the same time you narrow minded, never-been-kissed, Republican boys.

Her roommate actually used her brand new, NEVER been used KitchenAid mixer and left it filthy while Jordan was up in Rexburg for the weekend. She helped herself to Jordan's C&H Powdered Sugar (not Western Family) to frost some nasty cake, (I KNOW!!) Then she left her brand new William's Sonoma Silicone/wood handled spatula soaking in water all weekend too. Poor Jordan came home late Sunday night and was faced with the trauma of cleaning up that fiasco. Grrrr!!

Then one of the other Admin's at the office is out for months with an illness, and poor Jordan, who is supposed to be a part-time student employee, and one other lame brain woman, who can't find her own *$@# are left to pick up the slack. My precious girl actually left the office crying yesterday, things were so bad. She is failing a class, while working overtime on Saturday's for the Bureau. In the words of that guy who defended Brittany Spears on You Tube..... Leave Jordan Alone!

Jordan is such an upbeat girl. Believe me, I am the one who is making this into one great- big- darn- deal. I will go to bed now, I will not rant any further, but if she won't take this seriously and get angry and lose sleep, by darn I will...what are mother's for?


The Blonde Duck said...

I would have killed that girl. Seriously. I had a roomate in college who was horrible. She would cook these big greasy cajun meals of beans and rice and sausage and leave the pans caked with grease and food stuck to them for over a week or until I cleaned them. And they were MY pans. Once I came back from Thanksgiving to find she had left all my dishes nasty and dirty all over the kitchen...and they were now covered with flies and mold. UGHHHHH!

cari said...

It's so hard on Mom's when their children have to struggle! It's especially hard ( I am learning) when they are adults and you can't fight their battles for them. Hang in there.

I totally know what you mean by the boys nowadays. I DON'T GET IT! Here are these gorgeous, intelligent, sweet girls and their just plain stupid! I hope my boys don't act that way.

cari said...

I meant "they're just plain stupid". It's still early. What can I say?

Mandy said...

She looks ADORABLE!! Besides all the crappy things she is going through.. at least she looks gorgeous, right? :) Would she mind if I posted that picture on my blog?