Tuesday, October 07, 2008


One of my recipes was featured here at FoodieView Blog.
Thanks to Lisa at La Mia Cucina for the shout out! I am sorta flattered, since Lisa is one of the founding mother's of the internet food world's most popular baking groups, Daring Bakers. Just wait till you see what we will have baked up for you this month!


cari said...

How does it feel to be famous? How cool!

Michele said...

Thanks for that fabulous Honey BBQ'd Grilled Chicken recipe Cynthia! We are excited to have it as part of the FoodieView Recipe Roundup... and I am just dying to try it!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh mom, I'm so proud!

Mandymoo said...

Wow.. that is a very big accomplishment! But I knew from the first day you cooked for me.. how amazing you really were! Thank Heavens for a great Aunt:)