Thursday, October 30, 2008

Self Portrait

In the words of Oscar Wilde, "The discovery of oneself is the beginning of a life long romance."

I remember watching an ancient Saturday Night Live Skit where Phil Hartman was doing a parody of Telly Savalas and the Player's Club International . Only as Phil Hartman can do it, he said, " Who loves you better than you do, baby?"

Well isn't that where it all begins? All kidding aside, I personally feel I am a better mother, friend, neighbor, wife etc., if I have a good relationship with myself. Patience, love, compassion, understanding, respect all seem to come more easily when I am happy with who I am. There are days and moments when I am incredibly hard on myself, I find it is a constant challenge to cut myself some slack and accept the good Cindy and the not so good Cynthia.
I have posted this picture of myself taken by myself, knowing that it is not the best; the double chin is showing, the gray hair is uncombed, and the makeup is non-existant, but I like the peaceful gleam in my eye and the determined set to my my mouth. This is the photo of a woman who is ready to take on the day, and the next, and the next. You go girl!


cari said...

Yes! YOU GO GIRL! I loved this post!

Jordanian Princess said...

What a beautiful picture mom! :-)