Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birth Control for Tiny

Tiny says: "Now, that's a cute baby".

This is Christina's idea of babysitting: Grab a cute baby (in this case Natalie Harrison). Play with her for about 20 minutes while baby is happy during sacrament meetng, or until baby gets too bored. Send her back over the pew to Daddy to deal with. Voila. Baby success!


Mandymoo said...

That is so funny. That will do it. It seems as though you won't have a problem with her in that way:) I have felt sad.. I am sorry to hear you can relate.. what's going on?

Jordanian Princess said...

Way Way cute!!! :-)

The Blonde Duck said...

I agree! Any time I get a baby craving, I go to Wal Mart. Trust me, there are no baby cravings after that!

I finally answered your tag! Come see!

Sarah said...

She's welcome to "babysit" Nataley anytime!
Can I just say we think it's hilarious you snapped the picture in church? :)

cari said...

isn't she the cutest baby?


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