Friday, September 19, 2008

Who are Your Heroes?

Someone sent me one of those get to know you surveys. It asked what my favorite movie was. Right now it is Master and Commander with Russel Crowe.

Yes it may be 5 years old, but I love the soundtrack and the absolute valor and heroism this movie represents. The honor and bravery from days of old is a thing of great satisfaction for me.

If you were asked who your heroes are, do you have a ready answer? Or do you have to think about it?

My heroes are the missionaries. I cannot begin to explain the lump that comes to my throat every time I think of their courage facing opposition at every turn. One time I watched the Elders in Penang, Malaysia navigate a deadly traffic circle on their bicycles. There must have been hundreds of cars, kareening at every speed and oblivious to anyone but their own intents. I know if their mothers knew what they were facing while on those bikes, they would never sleep at night!

Carry on Elders!

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