Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Good Old Summertime

Dave has begun the Duck Hunting Beard!!!

Do you remember when you could do this?
Do you remember when your hips were this small?
The day I stopped jumping is the day my butt grew into the size it is now!

My husband has done a smashing job on the garden this year.
I cannot stop taking pictures of the Black Eyed Susan's. Daryl Alder,
Mr. Master Gardener, said the Alyssum is award winningly beautiful.

This has been one of the best summers in recent memory. I have to admit that I usually dread summer.
  • I really don't like the sun all that much. (Not including my cute rusty sun in my garden) . It is too dang bright! Yes you read it right. Too dang bright.
  • I don't like hot cars.
  • I am cranky in the heat.
  • I hate getting tan. Yikes, age spots!
  • I don't like public pools, (mostly cause I am too fat). Too many little kids too.
  • I hate when my neighbor mows the lawn on my Sunday morning.
  • I don't like events, unless I plan them. Too much socializing is bad for me.
  • I usually stop exercising in the summer cause there are too many people in my way on the Provo River Trail, and I don't want to smile that many times in a walk or ride at on coming walkers/riders. I want to sweat/huff and puff in freaking solitude.
  • And you have to get up really early to beat the heat. You all know I am a night owl, and I don't make it out of bed until 10 or 11 am.
  • Hollywood disappoints me with their S&^ty movies, and I have to take a sweater and socks to keep myself warm.
  • I loose stamina in the heat. My will to cook and clean is non existent. Too bad my appetite doesn't go away.
  • There is nothing good on T.V.
  • I have to make my kid go to camp, and make my older kids... go home already.
  • Everyone stays up late and gets in my way. Don't they know the night is MINE??!! Why, for the love of all that is holy, do you think I stay up late???? Because there is no SUN!!!
Okay, I can probably go on, but I think this is kinda angry enough already and you get the picture. Now remember....I use this blog as a psychological tool. It helps me to get my anger off of my chest; and basically, what I just posted above in the bullets is about as anti-American as even I can get away with. So, what pray tell, has made this the most enjoyable summer in recent memory?

  • It is our first summer back in the States.
  • I have gone out of my comfort zone by leaps and bounds. No, I don't walk or ride the River Trail, but I do get on my elliptical and watch my recordings of Young and the Restless,sometimes. And, I don't feel guilty!!!
  • I have stopped beating myself up for not liking summer, or summer activities. Where is it written that I have to like summer?
  • I have put my garden gloves on and grown, and grown, and grown some veggies. I have given away, and put up, and stored food like a Pioneer!!!
  • I love the 4th of July, and my birthday is smack dab in the middle of summer.
  • I have taken on two or three volunteer positions that I know are important to others, and for me.
  • I have adored the summer softball season with my daughter at center field. I have met other parents who adore it too. I even dealt with the sun at those noon-time tournaments with lots of sunscreen and a huge umbrella.
  • I have had some fun times with my extended family this year... the little kids are getting so big and cute.
  • I don't miss the pool.
  • Jordan, and Malaina and I have taken separate vacations together, and we have had a blast.
So, what is not to love about that? That being said, I am full speed ahead for fall, baby. I cannot wait for those clouds to come rollin' in, and those trees to change colors. I am going to get back on the trail, and start cooking chili. I might even go to a movie.

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The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you don't live in South Texas. If you hate sun and heat, you'd be miserable. It's 80 degrees in December!

Prudy said...

Hello from a fellow Utahn. What a great blog. I love the pickled jalapeno recipe!

Nora B. said...

Glad that you enjoyed summer this year. I love autumn, spring and summer...i don't like winter in Sydney because central heating is rare here.

Mandymoo said...

I can say that many things I don't like about WINTER.. I am not looking forward to it at all.. but hey I should try to enjoy the fall first right?

cari said...

I'm with you on summer. I like all the activities but HATE being hot. I'm so ready for fall! This week has been so wonderful! I was at the park Wed. and actually saw some yellow leaves in one of the trees! Yay!!! I love fall!

I have to agree with your yard. GORGEOUS!!! Well done Dave!

Marie said...

haha, I had to laugh at the duck hunting beard! WE had a totally horrible summer weatherwise this year. Only one week of sunshine! The rest has been rain and wind, and yes, even more rain! Now we are getting the tail ends of those tropical storms washing themselves across the Atlantic! Pickled jalapeno! Yumm!!

Heather said...

Tell Dave to call Jeremy some time to go Duck hunting. He would love it! Your post was so funny.

Cindy said...

I've had my love/hate relationship with summer as well. This is one of the reasons I really, REALLY wanted that in-ground pool when we moved to our new home. Whether we could really afford it or not, I closed my eyes and did it. I really loved summer the best this year because of it.

Now, next summer, I want to try the garden thing as well. Weston is REALLY good at it; must be an unknown Gaddis guy thing :-)

You ARE funny!