Sunday, September 28, 2008

Emotional Wreck---Oh, and ATV Wreck!

Christina went ATV-ing today with friends. The driver was showing off, flipped them onto their backs with the ATV on top of them. Thank God she was wearing a backpack and a helmet. She had to use her legs to lift the ATV off the driver and pull most of his body out of the bog they were in, or he would have drowned. She ran for help and the rest as they say is history. Look at her poor back!!! She could have been seriously hurt. That poor boy could have drowned. I should have listened to my still small voice when it screamed at me to deny permission for her to go. I didn't want to seem like an over protective mother, so I gave the approval for her to go. Hellooo!!>>>>listen to the voice!!!

It is 2:3o am and I am so stressed out from this emotional roller coaster of a day I have had. You can look at my past blog and read the first two paragraphs to get the gist of the first 12 hours of my day.

At least my pretty big girls had a safe and uneventful night. you like the jewelry?
They went to the R.S. General Mtg. I was too shell shocked to make it.
Then to try to get me to relax.. Dave took me to the movies. I should have picked a brainless blond bimbo movie (sorry blond people) to numb my emotions. Instead, we saw this Spike Lee, kick you in the gut, then kick your ass, and while you are down, kick you in the crotch, movie.
I found the racism harder to watch than the actual war scenes. I have to say the movie left me very emotionally hyped. It almost had a Shawshank Redemption ending though. (hope this is not a spoiler) I would have liked someone to tell me this before I had seen the film.

My nerves are shot. Sorry for the negativity. Sorry for the filthy language. Sorry you won't see me at church in the morning. I will be nursing a Valium. Or will it be nursing me?

And, sorry for the blantant drug abuse.


Prudy said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm glad everyone is safe. My brother had a near death experience on an ATV and my parents asked us all to not ride. Easy enough decision for me. My kids will sometimes admire the neighbor's toys, but we just won't do it. I'm so glad that everyone is safe and I'm sorry about your emotional trauma.

Mandymoo said...

Oh my goodness.. I am so glad she is okay. Hope you enjoy a day of relaxation with your valium:)

StickyGooeyCreamyChewy said...

Oh, boy! As the mother of a teenaged girl, I feel your pain. It is so hard to give them their freedom. Thank God, she is okay!

Jamie said...

I am so glad she is okay. Was this a homecoming day date?

Sarah said...

She's a lucky girl to only come out with that! I'm glad she's okay.
Thanks for the delicious produce, we've really been enjoying it.

Tawna said...

That is so scary. I have seen so many ATV accidents this summer at my hospital, most of them have been broken backs, pelvis, ribs... alot of had to go to the ICU. So Scary and I'm glad everyone is safe!

JHRME said...

All though...can I play devils advocate? Now she knows for herself...and at least you raised her so well she knew how to react!