Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sweet 16

Behold, the many faces of Christina.

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She was my easiest baby. She never whined (until she learned to talk). She has always been obedient, a good student, kind to her friends and beloved of her sisters. She was walking at 7 months. One day, Dave and I were relaxing in front of the t.v., and there goes this little baby, walking across the room. She never even crawled, or walked around the furniture. It was really weird seeing such a small baby walking. She has always been petite too. We still call her Tiny, a name that has been with her all her life, even her coaches call her Tiny. How our lives have been blessed with her in them.

Happy Birthday to my precious baby. Have a great 16th year of life SweetOne.


cari said...

What a beautiful young lady--inside and out! Happy Birthday Christina!!! We love you!

Mandymoo said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Tiny!! I am going to try to make it tonight. Baby is sick so Isaiah will go no matter what..

Heather said...

I still think of her as looking like the picture in the lower right. Has she grown up that much?

Cindy said...

And I had the picture from the lower left for the longest time in a frame on a bookshelf.

Can you believe how our two have grown? Sixteen! Adam went to get Abbey (some of us were at the beach already; he came the next day) to have her watch the clock move to midnight and he said, "Happy Birthday, Adam. I'm growing!" as he pat his shoulder.

He then instructed me that he wanted a "big red ball". What a world of difference between our two, huh?