Monday, September 01, 2008

"Give", said the Little Stream

Many of us have been following the real life story of C jane and her sister Stephanie (NieNie) and her husband Christian. For those of you who do not know, NieNie and Christian were in a private plane crash about 2 weeks ago and are suffering from critical burns. NieNie has the most burns over 80% of her body. They have 4 young children. According to C Jane's blog, the family are faced with the fact that NieNie will likely not look the same as she did before. They both are suffering through skin scraping surgery after surgery now too, with many more operations to face in the future. Obviously months and months of rehabilition and millions of dollars in hospital bills.

I just cannot take my mind off of the beautiful posts that C jane is posting. I hope you take a look at the very special post No Sting.

C jane says she is starting to believe there are no tragedies. "There is only opportunity for growth and you should accept it. The reward overcomes the sailing of the hardship." If you ever needed encouragement to go on, or felt oppressed with burdens, please go see the post, No Sting. I promise you will feel inspired by the truth you read there.

I don't have permisson to post a picture of NieNie or her beautiful family, but we have been given permission to post this button if you feel you can give.


The Blonde Duck said...

What a wonderful tribute on a holiday! Good for you!

cari said...

Amen! I know what you mean; they are constantly on my mind. It's so amazing how they are handling all of it. They are all inspirations!