Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pain in the Eye

I woke up yesterday with that pain. That pain that said something was brewing in my eye. It was not swollen yet, but lucky for me I had to go get some blood work done at my doctor's office and I hit my doctor up for some free care. She gave me homeopathic pulsatilla that brought it to a head real quick, and an antibiotic that is taking care of the infection. Ugh? I have always been prone to sty's. Just like some people get cold sores or cankers, I get the sty. Now I have to throw my mascara away.

I can't wait to see this movie: I don't even like Chihuahuas. I think they have weird ears, protruding eyes, and they have nasty dispositions. But, the movie looks like a scream!

Malaina finally got the Beetle back. It was a hecka pain in the butt. Don't get in a car wreck, please! If you do get in a wreck..Art City Auto Body in Springville was awesome to work with.
They did most of the go between with both insurance companies. Did you know when you get in a 4 car pile up, the insurance companies pay for portions of each damaged car? What a mess. Also, it is a good idea to ask for medical follow-up. She is getting lots of good care at McLean Chiropractic too. Massages, accupunture, adjustments...lots of love.

I have decided to regain control of my life in many different ways. Things are going to change. I no longer need to do things. I choose to do them. Quality of services may be different from now on. You have been warned.


Prudy said...

I haven't had a sty in ages but I remember how awful they are. Get well! I love that ME poster; it is good to take stock and reevaluate and then shift to make life happier, isn't it? I'm rooting for you!

Mandymoo said...

Man, if I could take control of my life.. I'd be SOO happy. I am sick of having so many dependencies!! I am glad Malaina is okay and hope you feel better soon!

cari said...

malaina was in a car accident? geeze you have been through the wringer lately! thanks for the advice tonight. i am grateful for the meal tomorrow. i told her we're fine but she insisted so i feel kind of weird.